Bulla Hill Railway


As our Railway is updated we will put images here from our members personal photos so you can see the progress.

31 July, 2019

The raised track construction continues and the greening of the track has started. It’s now a sit down welding job.



24 July, 2019

Raised track 5” gauge completed and 40 meters of dual gauge completed Well done again team.



17 July, 2019

Another 40 meters of rail completed today by the team. 30 meters to go till we have 5 inch gauge all the way around.



10 July, 2019

Anther 44 meters welded today now 110 meters of 5 inch gauge raised track. Well done again team



06 July, 2019

Great progress today with the raised track. Well done team. 66 meters of 5 inch rail completed one third of the way



03 July, 2019

Started on the second rail. Great work by the team

26 June, 2019

Half way round with the first rail